The convenience of wholebean roasted coffee, instantly.

Cafe Enrista is excited to present its latest premium product, Wholebean Instant Coffee. The simple pleasure of roasted coffee, in just an instant. A delectably irresistible instant coffee coupled with the heady aromas of a roasted cuppa, Café Enrista Wholebean Instant Coffee is a delight for the senses.

We’ve captured all the qualities of fine German roasted coffee beans and combined them with our platinum pure instant coffee to create a coffee that has a noticeably different taste, texture and aroma.

An infusion of 15% finely milled Wholebean roasted coffee with 85% platinum pure instant coffee, this is Café Enrista’s signature coffee, a unique infusion of roast & ground, ready in an instant.

Experience and savour the intensity of freshly roasted coffee by simply adding hot water to Café Enrista Wholebean Instant Coffee.