Product Components


Green coffee beans are the primary raw material required for the production of Instant Coffee. The major coffee producing countries in the world include Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Kenya and Central American countries. Coffee beans are typically produced in two varieties viz., Robusta and Arabica varieties. Each of these varieties has qualities which are based on altitude of growing, climate, soil conditions and primary processing conditions of the coffee cherries.

Robusta coffee beans generally produce a deep extract with body and acidity, where as Arabica beans generally produce a milder and aromatic extract. Hence to get a good blend of body & aroma a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans are used. In Café Enrista, we use a variety of blends to produce the primary instant coffee and this has been carefully created to differentiate the Colour, Strength & Aroma of each product. We use a combination of Instant coffee which comes from a blend of Robusta & Arabica for the Original Blend, where are use a Robusta Blend in the case of the Strong variant. Café Enrista also has a Blend where we use Decaffeinated Coffee as the Instant Coffee.

This is for our special consumers who would like to avoid the “Caffeine” that is a component of all varieties of coffee.


The role of the creamer is specifically to “whiten” or provide the creamy base to the cup of coffee. The creamer should not “interfere” with the aroma of the coffee or should generally be “bland” in its flavour or taste at the same time adds to the “body” of the coffee blend. Creamers can generally be made from “dairy” sources or from “non-dairy” sources. Creamers made from “dairy” ingredients include Whole Milk Powder (which is a spray dried form of whole or Full cream milk), Skim Milk Powder (which is a spray dried from of Skimmed Milk) or in the liquid forms includes Liquid Milk, Evaporated Milk or Condensed Milk. All these generally have high content of dairy components such as Milk Fat, Milk Sugar and Milk Protein.

Dairy creamers bring in the strong flavours provided by the Dairy or Milk components which make the coffee cup “Milky”. Lattes are the best examples of “Milky Coffee”. Non-Dairy creamers are made with corn syrup as the source for the sugar, Refined & De-odorized vegetable oils as the fat source and very small quantities of milk protein. This composition makes the product very “Bland” and does not interfere with the Aroma and Taste of the coffee. In Café Enrista, we use a single variety of Non-Dairy creamer which provides a consistent cup across the various blend and products. This allows the coffee Aroma & Taste to reign supreme in every cup of Café


Café Enrista uses only cane sugar in all products containing sugar.


Café Enrista has been given the best possible packaging to provide the best protection for the product, convenience to the consumers and shelf visibility.

All Café Enrista products are packed in Alu Foil based laminate to ensure that the coffee aroma is locked into every sachet of the product. Our unit packs of 10 sachets and 20 sachets allows consumers to choose based on the consumption pattern. And the varieties are easily identified according to colour differentiation.