Cafe Enrista Product Range

Welcome to the refreshing world of Cafe Enrista. Café Enrista has created coffees for every taste and occasion. Whether you like your coffee hot, cold, frothy, regular or you are in mood for a Chai Latte and Rooibos and Honey tea. There’s a Café Enrista that will make enjoying the coffee or tea you really want, really easy. Café Enrista is giving you a variety of products to enrich your day from morning ’til dawn. Unlike Nescafe, Café Enrista serve more than just coffee, we now have tea just to meet your taste.
Over the last few years, Café Enrista has extended it’s product just to make sure we have an #Enrista for every experience. We even give you a choice to match your taste buds. Our products now range from coffee to Chai Latte and Rooibos and Honey tea giving us an edge over Nescafe and other competitors.
Café Enrista has a special responsibility to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy great tasting #SachetConvenience. That is why we design every product to suit your personal taste, specially for the South African market. With #CaféEnrista every cup is the perfect cup.
In our Coffee range we have variety of all in one coffee blends consisting of pure Arabica Coffee , Sugar and Non- Dairy Creamer in Mild ,regular and strong ,and for the consumers that prefer no sugar and Decaf Coffee we have our 2in1 range consisting of 2in1 regular coffee and 2in1 Decaf.
Our new Instant tea is fast becoming very popular and we have two new exciting all in one tea products available. Our teas have been developed exactly to the South African taste profiles and have complete dissolvability having superb flavour enhancement using the best, pure ingredients. #Enrista Chai Latte gives a smooth milky taste with a blend of five exotic spices and Rooibos and Honey tea has such a refreshing calming taste; it surely is the #BestKeptSecret.
In our indulgent range of all in one products we have a sumptuous range of frothy Cappuccino consisting of Regular , Lite , Unsweetened and Decaf. If you are wanting a special treat try our Café Latte and Café Mocha speciality range.
Nothing is as comforting during a cold evening as one of our dark or white hot chocolate products .Cafe Enristas success has exceeded beyond coffee and cappuccino and now includes new Chai Latte and Rooibos and Honey teas.
This places us ahead of Nescafe in the market in the all in one sachet convenience industry. #PerfectCupEveryCup