Hi there! I’m a CHOCOHOLIC!

As a proud lover of Cafe Enrista All In One products. It is safe to say that the quality hidden within our coffee beans makes for a rather soothing and satisfying cup of hot goodness.  It is no secret that we take tremendous pride when it comes to satisfying our consumers.

With that being mentioned, we can boldly say that mastering the art of coffee making is not the only beverage that we have managed to craft within pure genius. From our house of coffee ranges, we bring you the sinfully rich ‘Enrista Hot Chocolate’.

We felt the demand of a quality hot chocolate beverage and we understood the need to find a chocolate based solution. Made specially for all the proud chocoholics who share the common craving of warm, smooth, mouth watering chocolate goodness every once in a while. A drink not loaded with calories, our ‘Enrista Hot Chocolate ‘ is beyond easy to enjoy.

One sachet of our ‘Cafe Enrista Hot Chocolate’ accompanied by hot water is all that is needed to satisfy your craving for the smooth chocolate sensation. Maybe you want to have a cup of hot chocolate during a cold day? Maybe you have the urge to spend your day in bed with a cup of coco accompanied by the latest chick flick and a handful of roses sent by your knight and shinning armour? This is truly a drink for every reason. A drink enjoyed in every season.

Our ‘Enrista Hot Chocolate’ is available in DOY packs of 10 as well as in 100’s for catering purposes. Basically what we are trying to get across is that the time for craving has passed and the time of quenching has arrived because every cup, the perfect cup;) .